05/19/2023 Maintenance changes

Posted on 2023-05-19



  • New Anime NPCs - Changed some NPCs to anime sprites (Igneel Advent - Natsu, Ice Burner Quest - Elsword).
  • Moved Sephiroth to Underworld NPC.
  • Moved Yoh Asakura to Starter Guide NPC.

  • Rinoa Charm - Added effect: Make your single arrow or bullet unlimited.

  • Fixed [Goddess Valkyrie] rooms, two other rooms are not opening if reached 10 minutes inside.
  • Fixed [Spell Enchanting] & [Elemental Shield] not working on guildmates in WOE/KOE.

Spring Double Donation Credits Promo

Posted on 2023-05-12


Event Duration: May 12th, 2023 - May, 28th 2023

All donation Credits from PayPal & GCASH gets doubled, To use this offer, simply donate any amount you'd like to donate, The system will double your donation credits at the time of processing.

How to donate?


Spring Event

Posted on 2023-05-12

Event Duration: May 12th, 2023 - May 28th, 2023

Collect Cherry Blossom Petal from Cherry Blossom monster in any fields of Midgard (example: prt_fild01, ve_fild04, pay_fild02) and exchange it to Spring Event NPC in Main Town (It is recommended to use a bubblegum).
On each hour at a random time, the Goddess of Spring will appear inside of the NYMMO House Sacred Tree, The Goddess of Spring will ask you for Sacred Spring Water in order to water the Sacred Tree, Sacred Spring Water can be obtained on yggdrasil01 map by killing plants (the bubble gum & drop equipment are working).

Exchange Cherry Blossom Petal to Yua Mikami @ (firstcity 218,150) for the following items:
  • Spring Blossom Charm (1000x Cherry Blossom Petal)
  • Cherry Blossom Charm (1000x Cherry Blossom Petal)
  • Spring Leaf Armor (1000x Cherry Blossom Petal)
  • Spring Leaf Manteau (1000x Cherry Blossom Petal)
  • Costume: Midnight Sakura Hat (1000x Cherry Blossom Petal)
  • Midnight Sakura Aura (1000x Cherry Blossom Petal)
  • Midnight Sakura Wing (1000x Cherry Blossom Petal)
  • Shadow: Full Bloom Cherry Tree (1000x Cherry Blossom Petal)
  • Costume: Cherry Blossom Coronet (Heaven) (500x Cherry Blossom Petal)
  • Sakura Festival Precious Stone (250x Cherry Blossom Petal)
  • Codex: Elegant Cherry Blossom (200x Cherry Blossom Petal)
  • Scroll of Spring Enchant (200x Cherry Blossom Petal)
  • Evolved Sakura Princess Egg Box (250x Cherry Blossom Petal & Sakura Princess Egg)
  • Sakura Princess Egg Box (250x Cherry Blossom Petal)
  • Void Apocalypse Energy (Weapon) (1x Cherry Blossom Petal)
  • Void Apocalypse Energy (Armor) (1x Cherry Blossom Petal)
  • Special Scroll (120x Cherry Blossom Petal)
  • Promathia Gem (Ultimate) (50x Cherry Blossom Petal)
  • Castle Drop Random Box (20x Cherry Blossom Petal)
  • Ice Burner (10x Cherry Blossom Petal)
  • Special Point Box (5) (10x Cherry Blossom Petal)
  • Heaven Star (100x Cherry Blossom Petal)
  • Kupo Nut Box (30000) (50x Cherry Blossom Petal)
  • Illusive Feather Box (30000) (150x Cherry Blossom Petal)
  • Heroic Crystal Box (30000) (100x Cherry Blossom Petal)

(Random Option System)
Random option enchanter located @ firstcity 213 150.

He can enchant your equipment up to 5 of:

  • Auto-Life 1%
  • Penetrate 1%
  • Perfect Defense 1%
  • Accuracy 1%
  • Perfect Block 1%
  • Absorb Damage 1%
  • Anti Absorb Damage 1%
  • Ignore Reflect of an enemy 1%
  • Negate melee attacker's ignore Reflect to an enemy 1%
  • Exceed Final Damage 1%
  • Exceed Final Damage DEF 1%

It requires 100x Cherry Blossom Petal on each enchant.

The advantage of VIP is only save you a time to farm, all donations are farmable in game.

Claim Donation Coin in game to receive a triple VIP EXP. Without this event, normal VIP EXP per Donation Coin is 50, with this event it's 150 per Donation Coin.

Learn more about VIP here:

05/12/2023 Maintenance changes

Posted on 2023-05-12



  • Starts of Spring Event - More details to follow after maintenance [05/12/23 - 05/28/23].
  • Starts of Spring Triple VIP EXP on Recharge event [05/12/23 - 05/28/23].
  • Starts of Spring Double Donation Credit(s) Promo [05/12/23 - 05/28/23].

  • New Items - Spring Blossom Charm, Spring Leaf Armor, Spring Leaf Manteau, Scroll of Spring Enchant, Evolved Sakura Princess Egg, Kokushibo Charm, Tengen Card & Muichiro Card.

  • Costume: Midnight Sakura Hat - [Grade D] Exceed Physical Final Damage + 3%, [Grade C] Exceed Physical Final Damage + 6%, [Grade B] Exceed Physical Final Damage + 9%, [Grade A] Exceed Physical Final Damage + 15%.
  • Costume: Cherry Blossom Coronet (Heaven) - [Grade D] Anti Exceed Reflect Damage Limit + 3%, [Grade C] Anti Exceed Reflect Damage Limit + 5%, [Grade B] Anti Exceed Reflect Damage Limit + 10%, [Grade A] Anti Exceed Reflect Damage Limit + 20%.

  • Guild Labyrinth (Tanjiro) - New item exchange: Kokushibo Charm [232 Demon's Blood], Tengen Card [116 Demon's Blood] & Muichiro Card [116 Demon's Blood].

  • St. Patrick Prosperity Shield - Lowered [Exceed Reflect Damage Limit] from 5% per refine level to 3% per refine level (reason: We need to make the Legend Shield better than other shields).
  • Shadow: Sun King Armor - Lowered [Anti Exceed Reflect Damage Limit] from 5% per refine level to 3% per refine level (reason: this is the counter to the St. Patrick Prosperity Shield, we need to lower this a little bit).

  • Fixed [Negate ignore Reflect] lowering self stat not the enemy.
  • Fixed some wings can't transfer the effect and can't upgrade.

  • Imperial Guard: Guardian Shield - Added a 40% chance to trigger (reason: Spamming the skill will make you immune to all damage, can you please stop abusing the skill like this, and report it to me?).
  • Fixed [Heal] & [Highness Heal] are not working if the target is using GTB.

05/05/2023 Maintenance changes

Posted on 2023-05-05



  • Macro Checker (Jail is Back) - You need to type it within 90 seconds or else you will be sent to jail (jail time will increase each time you get into jail).
  • Costume: Saiyan God Hair (White) & Saiyan God Aura (White) - Added effect: Increases item drop rate by 3%.
  • Guardian Force - Added [Hard Mode]: Hard mode has a double reward but a lot of stat penalties (There are many things to update about Hard Mode in the future, including adjustments.).

  • Fixed WOE & KOE: They can still receive a participation reward even if they already claim on another account on the same PC.
  • Fixed Tiyanak is not dropping a Lost Belongings.

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