Posted on 2023-11-30



Please find details about the weekly maintenance below.

Maintenance Date and time: 1st December 2023.

Game Maintenance:
14:00 - 14:10 [GMT +8]

Sorry for the few updates, I am not feeling well.


  • New Item - Kirito's Charm.

  • World Boss - New item exchange: Kirito's Charm.
  • Jail - There is now a monthly jail time reduction of half.
  • Trailblazer Charm & Imbibitor Lunae Charm become tradeable.

  • Fixed Bionic & ABR following your other character (character select) after you kill any of monster.

  • Dragon Knight: Vigor - Double the total Exceed Physical Final Damage & Exceed Magical Final Damage => Double the total Exceed Physical Final Damage & Exceed Magical Final Damage (Only 20% to PVE) [reason: to be fair to the other class on PVE contents].
  • Sky Emperor: Enchanting Sky - Triple the total Exceed Physical Final Damage => Triple the total Exceed Physical Final Damage (Only 30% to PVE) [reason: to be fair to the other class on PVE contents].

We remind you that all updates will be confirmed during maintenance, and are subject to possible changes.

Kind Regards,
Your NY-MMO Team

Thanksgiving Double Donation Credits Promo

Posted on 2023-11-24


Event Duration: November 24th, 2023 - December, 3rd 2023

All donation Credits from PayPal & GCASH gets doubled, To use this offer, simply donate any amount you'd like to donate, The system will double your donation credits at the time of processing.

How to donate?


Thanksgiving Event

Posted on 2023-11-24

Event Duration: November 24th, 2023 - December 3rd, 2023

Collect Thanksgiving Food Coupon from ANY monsters (0.20% chance, the bubble gum & drop equipment are working) and exchange it to Thanksgiving Chef for a chance to get a Thanksgiving Turkey Plate, Thanksgiving Grilled Skewer & Thanksgiving Apple Pie.

Exchange Thanksgiving Foods to Sara Josepha Hale @ (firstcity 218,147) for the following items:
  • Thanksgiving Bouquet Charm (100x Thanksgiving Foods)
  • Thanksgiving Turkey Hat (100x Thanksgiving Foods)
  • Thanksgiving Gospel Shield (100x Thanksgiving Foods)
  • Thanksgiving Gospel Wing (100x Thanksgiving Foods)
  • Thanksgiving Fest Card (100x Thanksgiving Foods)
  • Light Clone: Thanksgiving (25x Thanksgiving Foods)
  • Thanksgiving Precious Stone (25x Thanksgiving Foods)
  • Codex: Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie (20x Thanksgiving Foods)
  • Codex: Thanksgiving Pecan Pie (20x Thanksgiving Foods)
  • Scroll of Thanksgiving Enchant (20x Thanksgiving Foods)
  • Thanksgiving Rooster Egg Box (50x Thanksgiving Foods)
  • 3x Void Apocalypse Energy (Weapon) (1x Thanksgiving Foods)
  • 3x Void Apocalypse Energy (Armor) (1x Thanksgiving Foods)
  • Heaven Scroll (75x Thanksgiving Foods)
  • Special Scroll (5x Thanksgiving Foods)
  • Ozma Energy (5x Thanksgiving Foods)
  • Reborn Essence (1x Thanksgiving Foods)
  • Heaven Star (10x Thanksgiving Foods)
  • Promathia(Ultimate) (5x Thanksgiving Foods)
  • Blacksmith's Blessing (50) (1x Thanksgiving Foods)
  • Castle Drop Random Box (1x Thanksgiving Foods)
  • Ice Burner (1x Thanksgiving Foods)
  • Special Point Box (5) (1x Thanksgiving Foods)
  • Kupo Nut Box (30000) (5x Thanksgiving Foods)
  • Illusive Feather Box (30000) (15x Thanksgiving Foods)
  • Heroic Crystal Box (30000) (10x Thanksgiving Foods)

NOTE: The advantage of VIP is only save you a time to farm, all donations are farmable in game.

Claim Donation Coin in game to receive a triple VIP EXP. Without this event, normal VIP EXP per Donation Coin is 50, with this event it's 150 per Donation Coin.

Learn more about VIP here:

11/24/2023 Maintenance changes

Posted on 2023-11-24



  • Starts of Thanksgiving Event - More details to follow after maintenance [11/24/23 - 12/03/23].
  • Starts of Thanksgiving Triple VIP EXP on Recharge event [11/24/23 - 12/03/23].
  • Starts of Thanksgiving Double Donation Credit(s) Promo [11/24/23 - 12/03/23].

  • New Items - Thanksgiving Bouquet Charm, Thanksgiving Turkey Hat, Thanksgiving Gospel Shield, Thanksgiving Gospel Wing, Thanksgiving Feast Card, Light Cone: Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Precious Stone, Codex: Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie, Codex: Thanksgiving Pecan Pie, Scroll of Thanksgiving Enchant, Thanksgiving Rooster Egg Box, Trailblazer Charm, Imbibitor Lunae Charm & Helm of Destiny (Blue).

  • Claw Machine - Added: Trailblazer Charm & Imbibitor Lunae Charm.
  • Headgear Recolor (Quest Area) - Added: Helm of Destiny (Blue).
  • Added Hinata (Box Packager) in Quest Area.

  • Mage: Energy Coat - Added effect: Exceed Final Damage DEF + 10%.

11/17/2023 Maintenance changes

Posted on 2023-11-17



  • Starts of Shadow Weapon, Shadow Armor, Shadow Robe & Shadow Shoes 50% Upgrade Discount Event [11/17/23 - 11/23/23].

  • New Items - World Boss Fragment Box & Scroll of Random Option Transfer (Single).

  • Claw Machine - Added: Scroll of Random Option Transfer (Single).
  • World Boss (Asterius) - Increased max damage to 10 and increased his HP by 10 times (This will fix the miss on some skills with multiple hits.).
  • World Boss (Niheddodoragon) - Increased skill cooldown to lower the DPS.
  • World Boss (Ranking) - Added Nightmare daily and weekly reward.
  • Grilled Eel is now working with all class.
  • Vote Shop - Added: Promathia Cape (14,000 VP).
  • Quistis Card - Added effect: Increases Exceed Final Damage of Metallic Fury skill by 10%.
  • Yasutora Card - Removed DEF penalty.
  • New Costume IT Shop (DC) - 5x Official Items.
  • New Costume IT Shop (VAZ) - 5x Official Items.
  • Hinata (Item Packager) - Added: Bloody Branch Box (10).

  • Lord Knight: Parrying - It is now working with 1 handed sword.
  • Soul Ascetic - Soul of Heaven and Earth - Added effect: Ignore Magic Rod of an enemy by (10 + 4 per skill lv)% chance.

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