St. Patrick Event

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St. Patrick Event

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Event Duration: March 10th, 2023 - March 26th, 2023
Collect Poring Pretzel from any monsters (all bubble gum will increase the drop chance by 50%)
Every time you win and play a Slot Machine you will be rewarded with a 1x Poring Pretzel.

Exchange Poring Pretzel to James Fraser @ (main town 157,167) for the following items:
  • St. Patrick Charm (1000x Poring Pretzel)
  • Clover Charm (1000x Poring Pretzel)
  • Shadow: St Patrick Leaf Umbrella (1000x Poring Pretzel)
  • St. Patrick Prosperity Hat (1000x Poring Pretzel)
  • St. Patrick Prosperity Shield (1000x Poring Pretzel)
  • Heaven St. Patrick Night Wing (1000x Poring Pretzel)
  • St. Patrick Night Aura (1000x Poring Pretzel)
  • Costume: St. Patrick Night Hat (1000x Poring Pretzel)
  • Costume: St. Patrick Hood (Heaven) (500x Poring Pretzel & 1x Costume: St. Patrick Hood)
  • Costume: St. Patrick Hood (500x Poring Pretzel)
  • St. Patrick Aura (500x Poring Pretzel & 1x St. Patrick Balloon)
  • St. Patrick Balloon (500x Poring Pretzel)
  • St Patrick Prosperity Aura (500x Poring Pretzel)
  • St. Patrick Precious Stone (250x Poring Pretzel)
  • St. Patrick Valiant Knight (250x Poring Pretzel & 1x St Patrick Ruri In Blue Egg)
  • St Patrick Ruri In Blue Egg Box (250x Poring Pretzel)
  • Void Apocalypse Energy (Weapon) (1x Poring Pretzel)
  • Void Apocalypse Energy (Armor) (1x Poring Pretzel)
  • Special Scroll (120x Poring Pretzel)
  • Promathia Gem (Ultimate) (50x Poring Pretzel)
  • Castle Drop Random Box (20x Poring Pretzel)
  • Ice Burner (10x Poring Pretzel)
  • Special Point Box (5) (10x Poring Pretzel)
  • Heaven Star (100x Poring Pretzel)
  • Kupo Nut Box (30000) (50x Poring Pretzel)
  • Illusive Feather Box (30000) (150x Poring Pretzel)
  • Heroic Crystal Box (30000) (100x Poring Pretzel)

(Random Option System)
Random option enchanter located @ Main Town 154 168.

He can enchant your equipment up to 5 of:

  • Auto-Life 1%
  • Penetrate 1%
  • Perfect Defense 1%
  • Accuracy 1%
  • Perfect Block 1%
  • Absorb Damage 1%
  • Anti Absorb Damage 1%
  • Ignore Reflect of an enemy 1%
  • Negate melee attacker's ignore Reflect to an enemy 1%
  • Exceed Final Damage 1%
  • Exceed Final Damage DEF 1%

It requires 100x Poring Pretzel (2023) on each enchant.

NOTE: The advantage of VIP is only save you a time to farm, all donations are farmable in game.

Claim Donation Coin in game to receive a triple VIP EXP. Without this event, normal VIP EXP per Donation Coin is 50, with this event it's 150 per Donation Coin.

Learn more about VIP here:
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