09/08/2023 Maintenance changes

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09/08/2023 Maintenance changes

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  • New Items - Scroll of Random Option (Shenron), Scroll of Random Option (Nightmare), Costume: Unique Phoenix Helm, Unique Phoenix Aura, Unique Phoenix Wing, Nightmare Charm of Lion, Nightmare Charm Of Fortitude, Nightmare Charm Of Range, Precious Charm Dust & Nightmare Charm Hammer.
  • New Monsters - Time Trial Treant, Time Trial Chronos, Time Trial Chimera, Time Trial Chaos Dragon & Time Trial Phoenix.
  • New Anime NPCs - Changed some NPCs to anime sprites: Event Ranking - Satoru Gojo (Jujutsu Kaisen), Monthly Ranking - Meliodas (Seven Deadly Sins).

  • Legend Quest (Quest Area) - New item quest: Scroll of Random Option (Shenron).
  • Time Trial - Added: Nightmare Mode [Max Member 10, Min Member 6] (@go 21 - @go 25) - You have to finish Portal 12 to proceed in nightmare mode (please expect an adjustment and bugs to be fixed).
  • GOTM - Added 2nd place & 3rd place guild reward (once per PC).
  • Guild Duel - Added 2nd place & 3rd place guild reward.
  • Guild Labyrinth - Nezuko: Slightly increased ASPD. Buffed some of her skills.
  • World Boss (Asterius) - Increased [Scroll of Random Option Asterius] MVP drop rate from 20% to 50%.
  • Reborn - Increased [Blacksmith Blessing] reward of [Reborn 1-175 to 10pcs] and [Reborn 176-200 to 50pcs].

  • Fixed [Ultimate Evasion] stat, didn't block the white or red damages.
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