11/03/2023 Maintenance changes

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11/03/2023 Maintenance changes

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  • Starts of Limited Offer Special Freebie event [11/03/23 - 11/12/23].

  • New Weapon Skin System & Light Cone System.
  • New Items - 48x New Light Cones, Weapon Skin: Valorblaze, Weapon Skin: Atma Staff, Weapon Skin: Cosmic Bow, Weapon Skin: Wand Of Gabriel, Weapon Skin: Ereshkigal Scythe, Weapon Skin: Chained Bow of Heaven & Weapon Skin: Schrodinger, Weapon Skin: Predator Claw, Weapon Skin: Soul Eater, Weapon Skin: Stormbringer, Scroll of Shadow Weapon Refine Transfer, Scroll of Main Weapon Grade Transfer, Son Goku Card.
  • New Claw Machine (located @ ny-mmo house) - Chance to receive a Weapon Skins, Light Cones, Scroll of Shadow Weapon Refine Transfer, Scroll of Main Weapon Grade Transfer and other items. There is a 1x free daily draw and an additional 1 on VIP level 1 and an additional 1 on every 5 VIP levels. Also, you can use your DC and VAZ to draw.

  • Quinella Charm - Added effect: [+ Weapon Skin] For 1 second, Recover HP & SP by 100% of the damage you dealt and received, additional 1 second on every weapon skin registered in your Wardrobe [Weapon Skin] (max 10 seconds, 2 minutes cooldown, working on monster and players). Additional [100,000 Final Damage] for every [Weapon Skin] registered in your Wardrobe (Player Only).
  • Goku (Quest Area) - Added: Son Goku Card.
  • Upgrade Celestial Blazing Flame - Increased drop rate from 5% to 10%.

  • Fixed [Devil Square] didn't check if the user was using more than 2 accounts.
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