02/24/2023 Maintenance changes

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02/24/2023 Maintenance changes

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  • New Guild Supply - If one of your guildmates claims a Donation Coin in game, every member of the guild will receive a Supply Box from RODEX (once per PC).

  • Time Trial - Added a chance of [Violet Halo] & [Crimson Booster].
  • Costume Bloody Valentines Mask - Added combo with [God of Love Eros] pet.
  • St. Patrick Prosperity Hat - Added combo with [Upgrade Celestial Shield].
  • Sacred Charm Heaven - It is now possible to vend.
  • Leviathan's Survival Arena - Reduced time and increased mob spawn.
  • Madeen's Aura Bath - Reduced time from 3 minutes to 2 minutes.

  • Trade - Adding items to the trade window now checks if the target player has an inventory slot.

  • Cardinal: Presens Acies - Added effect: Anti CRIT EVA + 5%.
  • Cardinal: Argutus Telum - Added effect: Exceed Physical Final Damage + 10%.
  • Cardinal: Argutus Vita - Added effect: Exceed Magical Final Damage + 10%.
  • Sura: Gentle Touch-Cure - Fixed not removing the Guillotine Cross Poison.
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