Maaden Aura Baths [Arch Bishop]

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Maaden Aura Baths [Arch Bishop]

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Maaden Aura Baths [Arch Bishop]

Hello, this is my first time making a guide, so expect some errors in typing or information miss that I forgot to put here :D

Maaden Aura Baths is a daily dungeon (I don't know if daily is proper name, since it's there's no restriction how many times you can take it now) that you can take by going to @warp prontera 235 311.
Screenshot 2023-04-23 150512.png
Screenshot 2023-04-23 150512.png (173.06 KiB) Viewed 2979 times
In this dungeon, you will be struck by lightning periodically for 3 minutes straight. The lightning's damage is percentage based on your maximum HP. after 3 minutes, rewards will be given to such as;
- Vazion voucher (1~3pcs @run)
- Illusive feathers (5pcs @run)
- Kupo nuts (50pcs @run)
- Heroic crystals (25pcs @run)
- Guardian force tokens (5pcs @run)
- Madeen's Bethbite (1pcs @run)

The list of the following wouldn't be given after a few runs of Maaden Aura Baths (I forgot to count it, will be updated later how many daily)
- Guardian force tokens (5pcs @run)
- Reborn essence (1pcs @run)
- Blacksmith's blessings (5pcs @run)

And this dungeon has low chance of drop for Maaden's Card

So... how to do this dungeon with Arch Bishop? no specific equipment's needed for this dungeon (you can say this is a poor man dungeon). But some item are required for the Skills
717.gif (195 Bytes) Viewed 2979 times
Blue gemstone
12333.gif (173 Bytes) Viewed 2979 times
Ancilla (by using the skill Ancilla that consume 1 blue gemstone)
523.gif (221 Bytes) Viewed 2979 times
Holy Water

Skills [buff]
ab_offertorium.gif (1.12 KiB) Viewed 2979 times
Offertorium [Heal power x2.5, SP Cost 300%]
hp_assumptio.gif (1.04 KiB) Viewed 2979 times
Assumptio [Received healing +10%, last 100 seconds]
ab_renovatio.gif (1.13 KiB) Viewed 2979 times
Renovatio [Received healing +8%, last 180 seconds]

Charms (optional)
-Sacred Charm (1% hp regen, every 1 second, maximum can hold 5);
-Sacred Charm Ultimate (5% hp regen, every 1 second)

Sacred Charm can be obtained from Tidus Quest at Quest Area (near the ultimate quest).

Skills [active]
ab_highnessheal.gif (1.13 KiB) Viewed 2979 times
Highness Heal [Heal 99,999,999 hp, this is substitute for Yggdrasil berry]
ab_ancilla.gif (1.12 KiB) Viewed 2979 times
Ancilla [Create Ancilla, consume 1 blue gemstone]
ab_epiclesis.gif (1.07 KiB) Viewed 2979 times
Epiclesis [Recover 50% HP & 4% SP every 3 seconds, last for ... approximately use 2 times for Madeen's, so let's assume it's around 150 seconds :lol: ]

1. Use buffs before entering
2. Prepare Ancilla (3 ancilla maximum can be hold)
2. Enter the dungeon
3. Use Epiclesis on the ground near your characters, half way of the dungeon, use it again when the tree disappear (it's a 5x5 area healing, don't get too far from the tree)
4. Use Highness Heal if your HP drop too low (or when you forgot to check your character)

Enjoy :)
IGN: PocketSage
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