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Please obey the following rules. By doing so, we can keep the game fun and enjoyable for everyone. Anyone caught breaking the rules will be punished by a GM at his/her discretion.

1. There is absolutely NO HACKING or any use of a 3rd Party Program. This includes patronizing/exploiting bugs. Exploiting bugs that result in the gain of large quantities of zeny or items, or disrupting the server will result in a ban. Reporting a bug of this nature will result in a reward.

2. You may only use the Official NY-MMO Client to play the game. Exception: Homunculus AIs are allowed as long as it does not auto-feed and make the player auto-walk.

3. RESPECT everyone especially the GAME MASTERS. Know your limits. Impersonating a GM is not allowed which includes making false statements/rumors which involves a GM. If you have problems with a certain GM, please talk to them directly.

4. Trash talking which includes under the belt attacks, bullying, racism, personal abusive statements and the likes are STRICTLY PROHIBITED especially on #main channel ingame. Offenders may be penalized with MUTE, JAIL or BAN. Know your limits. Trash talks are normal but sexual harassment, racism and blackmailing are forbidden.

5. ADVERTISING OTHER SERVER in-game, or in any forms is a MAJOR OFFENSE which will lead to automatic ban.

6. General Chat/Vending/Buying rules:
- Do not open a vend or chat within 4 tiles below or 2 tiles around an NPC or portal.**
- Do not bypass the no-chat zone.**
- When vending, do not put false advertisements in the shop title with the intention of deceiving buyers.**

7. REAL MONEY TRADING is strictly prohibited. Any forms of buying and selling of items or accounts using real money currency is not allowed. If caught, both parties will be banned.

8. Do not spam annoying skills (e.g. Ice Wall) in town that lag the game (EVENTS are exception).

9. Do not SCAM other players, especially NEWBIES. Once proven, it will result into JAIL or BAN depending on the scale of the misdoing.

10. Disrupting in-game/facebook/forum Events (cheating, using alternate accounts, causing event delays and etc.) will lead to JAIL OR MUTE.

11. Do not use character names with offensive or inappropriate words in them, that might directly or indirectly offend other players.

12. Do not share your password with others. You are accountable on whatsoever happens to your own account. If you lost your items, or someone used your account to go against our server rules, its your responsibility. Lending items is allowed at your own risk. NY-MMO will not be responsible if you lost your items or account in this manner.

13. DONATIONS are not refundable.

14. If you see someone who go against our server rules, please report to GM's immediately with solid proof. (Screenshots/Videos with dates)
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